An afternoon at Chanticleer Garden

I have an obsession with mansions and gardens (I actually have a lot of obsessions, like everything white and blue, white dresses, high tea, music, china, etc, etc). I'm always searching for new ones and when I found this mansion I had  to go there. So on a beautiful fall day we drove approx. 2 hours to Wayne, Pa. First we stopped at White Dog Cafe, a must!. Beautiful quaint decor and delicious farm to table food. Then we continued to Chanticleer Garden. What a place! Definitely in my top 10 most beautiful gardens.  Of course I took the camera with me but Francesca decided she wanted to take the pics, she instantly fell in love with the place. She did get tired of holding my heavy camera so we took turns. She snapped her LPS in different places and poses. I love her creativity and enthusiasm. We truly had  a unforgettable afternoon at this enchanted place. What I like most about Chanticleer Garden is the different types of landscaping around. Definitely a place worth visiting. PS. Pooches are not allowed so leave Fido at home :(

The End